Privacy Policy

What does BHStudios do with your data?

Nothing. Blue Husky Studios does not read or save any of your data, personal or otherwise.

If one day we decide to read or save your data, we will mention that here. Additionally, we will always attempt to read/save only the minimum necessary to get the job done (and ensure that's all encrypted or hashed), both for your own privacy and to minimize our chances of being part of a data leak.

How does BHStudios use cookies?

BHStudios has one use for cookies, and that's to tell your computer to remember which theme you selected on this website.

When you change the style, your browser saves a small bit of text which it will use to remind itself what style it last used. When you visit a BHStudios webpage that supports styling (like this one), your browser (not we) will read that cookie and automatically apply that style. We never save this information on our end.

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